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  • Have a desire to live out your purpose…
  • Want to serve others by boosting their confidence…
  • Want to create a life you love in the beauty industry…
  • Want to start a new business…
  • Want to be your own boss…
  • Want freedom, and time to spend with loved ones…
  • Want to make more money doing what you love…

If you…

It's time to change that narrative!

A year from now, you can look back and say, “I am so glad I did…” instead of, “I wish I did…”
Now is the time to take back control of your life, step into this next chapter, and unlock your limitless potential! Build the beauty business you’ve been dreaming of for years, with a dedicated coach by your side!

if so...

PRICE: $597 


Master the skill of becoming a great trainer or coach in any industry! Gain the insight of an experienced trainer and coach of over 250+ in person and online students all across the United States! Learn how to stand out as a trainer, create your course from beginning to end, and cater to different learning styles! Learn completely online at your own pace! The best part, this Master Class will set you up for success!

Make back your investment with 1 student! 90 Days Access!
BONUS: Training Contract Included!

Become a Trainer Masterclass

  • 60 mins $250
  • 90 mins $300
  • 120 mins $400

DEPOSIT: $50 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


This option is perfect for the struggling beauty pro who wants to “pick” my brain!

Coaching Calls: 60, 90, 120

The Ultimate Transformation Program! 

Coaching Program: 3 months 

PRICE: $1500 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


PRICE: $850 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


Master the ART of Airbrush Brows! 

Airbrush Eyebrows Masterclass

Master the ART of Eyebrow Lamination and Dye! 

Eyebrow Lamination & Dye Masterclass

PRICE: $650 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


PRICE: $700 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


Master the ART of Henna Brows! 

Henna Eyebrows Masterclass

Master the Hyaluron Pen services which include Lip Fillers, Fat Dissolving, and Wrinkles!
7 Days FREE access to Fat Dissolving Online Course!

Hyaluron Pen Masterclass

PRICE: $1250 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


PRICE: $850 
DEPOSIT: $250 (non refundable & applies to the total amount)


Must be a PMU artist with BBP and training Certification.

Saline Lightening Masterclass

An Overview of Your Journey

month 1


Clear Vision and Attainable Goals: Success in any business starts with having a clear vision of what you want to achieve and setting specific, measurable goals. Define your purpose, identify your target audience, and outline the steps needed to reach your objectives. Having a well-defined roadmap will keep you focused, motivated, and on track towards success!



Continuous Learning and Adaptability: The business landscape is constantly evolving, and to succeed, you must be willing to continuously learn, adapt, and stay ahead of the curve. Our students are taught strategies to convert followers into paying clients! We encourage our students to be open to feedback, learn from failures, and be willing to pivot their strategies when necessary!



Effective Time Management and Discipline: Time is a valuable resource, and successful entrepreneurs understand the importance of effective time management. Prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and create a schedule that allows for focused work and strategic planning. Develop discipline and avoid distractions that can hinder productivity. By maximizing time and staying disciplined, our students can make significant progress towards their business goals!

Program Bonuses

Strategic Guidance!

Specific action steps that are curated specifically for your business! Fast track your business, and take guessing out of the equation! A coach who has been where you are now can take you further! Coaching students receive Bi-Weekly Zoom calls to strategize, build relationships with other students in the program, and receive guidance on content ideas and creation!

Private Community!

Our focus is to grow you personally and professionally! Coaching students have an amazing benefit of being part of our private community where they can rewatch the recorded zoom calls! Students will also have access to a network of serious industry leaders who are also in our private community!

Online Learning!

Get exclusive invites to private webinars, events, masterminds, and FREE access to any online course of your choice!

Hi there, my name is Jenny!

I’m here to help you Rewrite Your Story.

It was 2019 when I went from my 9 to 5, Monday to Friday Job to becoming a business owner and coach.

I went from wishing and waiting, to making things happen for myself.

I went from a minimum wage job, being unhappy, stressed about finances, to stepping into my purpose, and empowering over 250 women all across the United States, learn money making skills, and ultimately living the life they’ve always desired.

“I took Jenny’s Henna Brow training because I have heard really great reviews about her previous trainings for Hyaluron Needleless Lip Filler so I knew I was in good hands. Her training is very in depth and you can tell she’s very knowledgeable by the way she teaches. I understood her training very well that when it came to performing the henna brows on my model I felt comfortable to do so. She was with me by my side guiding me through it all. I really enjoyed her training and I’m so glad she is my mentor. She actually cares about her students beyond the training and checks up on them because she wants her students to succeed beyond the training. Thanks Jenny for being an amazing mentor ♥️”

- Mary Jane C. (Google)

“I just had a training day with Browsbychenny and I am honestly 100% satisfied with my course. I walked in there really anxious/nervous thinking I wasn't going to understand the class , but let me tell you CHENNY WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! she is hands down the best person to go to for the hyaluron pen training. She is very thorough from beginning to end! Answers EVERY question you have she's very straight forward very respectful very patient! She helps you understand what you're learning! Demonstrations are very on point. Chenny I can't thank you enough for this class for helping me start my very own business. God bless you're sweet soul 🙏🏼 I definitely would recommend her to friends & family! Anyone that's hesitant to take Jenny's class I promise you .. you won't regret it! I walked out there feeling very confident & blessed 💛 thank you for a wonderful experience!”

- Daisy S. (Google)
“Decided to add HA Needle less fillers to my business. After extensive research I came across Jenny's page and decided she was the best fit for me to provide me with training.

I was not wrong. She was the best she explained everything with great detail. Jenny teaches you the best techniques and the safest ways to use the hyaluron pen. She is so patient and she answered all my questions .If you're looking to be a hyaluron tech definitely choose Jenny she is the best!! I took my class on Dec 1st and she continues to mentor me and answer all my questions when I need her. Thank you Jenny for everything”

- Betzy C. (Yelp)
“If you're thinking about taking a training from Jenny then I definitely recommend you should. She's so sweet, patient and informative you can tell she wants you to succeed in the industry. I was nervous on taking any more trainings from anyone because of my bad past experience with local trainers in the area. But once I took her training I knew there was no gate keeping with her and she's very responsive to any questions you may have even after the training. When she says you'll have lifetime support from her she means it. I also love how she includes a shadow day after the model included in the training just so you can have extra practice with her guidance. Her course is very affordable and it's worth every penny. I'm glad I took her class & made a friend from it!”

- Stephanie M. (Google)
“Chenny is truly thee best trainer I could've picked. She was worth every single penny and would choose her over and over again. Right from when I reached out to her regarding the training she was so nice, friendly, and informative. Til this day, months after my training, she is still extremely helpful and I can count on her any day and time. She isn't only a trainer for one day she is a lifelong mentor. You are amazing Chenny!”

- Nancy C.

The Investment

Find the Coaching Program for You!

Our academy provides two options in terms of coaching.

The first option is our 3 months program for those who are seeking personalized guidance and ultimate transformation in their business! 

The next option we have are 1 on 1 coaching calls that range from 60 to 120 minutes! 

option 1


Coaching Program: 3 Months



1:1 Coaching Calls : 60, 90, 120

 We offer consultation calls where we can discuss your specific goals, and address any questions you may have!

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